Alive Web Directory

Posted on September 9th, 2007 by Rachel.
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Alive Web DirectoryAlive Web Directory is a very popular directory among webmasters. To understand why, simply perform a backlink search on Google and the result will yield more then 13,000 backlinks. This means that the owner of Alive Web Directory has been busy promoting the directory on the Internet.

Another plus point for Alive Web Directory is that Google recognizes it as an authoritative site. Should you list your web sites on Alive Directory, Google will take little time to recognize it; an excellent opportunity to get your new sites indexed.

Given the fact that Alive Directory is a relatively new directory on the Internet coupled with the many remarkable achievements it has attained, makes this directory a very worthwhile investment to include your sites.


CDH Bid Directory

Posted on August 28th, 2007 by Rachel.
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CDH Bid DirectoryWhile bid directories start to gain prominence on the Internet, CDH Bid Directory has already positioned itself as a established and trusted directory; thanks to its 10+ year old domain, valuable backlinks and high Google PageRank (PR6 at press time).

CDH Bid Directory ranks its listings based on the contributed amount. The higher you bid, the higher your site will rank on CDH. To start off your site, there is a $49.95 listing fees; afterwhich contributions starting from $10 applies to rank your site higher.

Considering CDH Bid Directory still have many categories with little listings, submitting your site now will benefit it from human traffic and search engine exposure without the need for high listing amount. Over time, anyone can contribute (including our visitors) to rank your site higher; placing your site solidly on higher ranking.


Free Online Games

Posted on August 24th, 2007 by Rachel.
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Excessively Free GamesIf you are in the mood for action, for some game-playing, for some de-stressing, for time-killing activity, head on down to Excessively.Net for free online games. Excessively has a large collection of free games ranging from Action games to Sports games. Contained within these categories of games are the evergreen Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulation games which boasts of truly online playability without the need to download and install the games.

Excessively Games make its offerings of games easily accessible and ready to play without the need to register an account or any other forms of registration. Simply click the game you intend to play and you are good to go.

One warning though, some of the games are truly addictive; I spent the past 45 minutes enjoying myself on Super Mario Brothers. :D


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